KaleidoMorph Screen Saver

KaleidoMorph Screen Saver 1.26

KaleidoMorph will mesmerise and relax you as you watch flowing shapes and trails gracefully morph an
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KaleidoMorph will mesmerise and relax you as you watch patterns gracefully morph and glide across your screen, painting beautiful pictures and forming an endless variety of stunning computer generated images and 3D shapes that resemble flowers, stars, supernovae, ripples, tattoos, snakes and whatever else you can imagine. You will marvel at the infinite variety of colours, patterns and motion that is displayed. KaleidoMorph also allows you to generate desktop wallpapers. You can even run KaleidoMorph in a window for permanent relaxation!
You can choose from 18 preset types of patterns, such as Wormholes, Jellyfish, Rose Tattoo, 3D Spirograph or Angry Spaghetti, or make up and save your own patterns. All patterns, whether preset types or your own, will morph seamlessly into each other.
It all adds up to a hypnotic experience.

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